Who We Are

Discovering the Parish of St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua American National Catholic Church is a place for Contemporary Catholics, seeking to learn about God and God’s will, to reach out and share what they have learned and experienced. We are a viable option for those seeking to feel at home in a valid Catholic community that strives to teach and live the gospels of Christ. We try to fulfill Christ’s admonition to love one another as God loves us.

We at St. Anthony’s accept without any exception, all the Articles of the Holy Catholic Faith. We will never hold nor teach, now or afterward, any other opinions than those that have been decreed, determined, and published by our Mother, Holy Church. Thus, we along with other Catholics, trace our Apostolic Succession through the Roman and Eastern Catholic Churches to the Apostles and invite all to participate fully in the sacramental ministry of the Church. The Rule of Faith, which forms our parish life, is our belief that we are called into existence by God to give witness to the inclusively of God’s love found in the Catholic teaching, and our faithful adherence to Sacred Scripture and the Apostolic Tradition.

The Saint

St. Anthony of Padua is not just the patron saint of lost objects.  He was a scholar and expert preacher in the Franciscan Tradition.

The Parish

We are an active and growing parish looking to make a difference in our community.  Check out the current bulletin of the parish to learn more.

Our Beliefs

When you visit our parish it will feel and sound like the church you’ve been looking for.  We wish for you to call St. A’s your home.

Visit Saint Anthony's

We would love to meet you this Sunday!