The Role

The role of a hospitality minister is that of an official host, someone whose presence, conversation, and actions speak a welcome to all who come to a liturgical event.


Welcoming can be traced back to the beginning of the Old Testament and hospitality has always been part of our Christian tradition. In Genesis 18 Abraham entertained angels. Job 31 speaks of helping others. Chronicles talks of the role of serving and as doorkeeper in the temple. Elijah was offered hospitality from the widow and her son. Jesus fed 5,000.

Hospitality ministers should see themselves as servants of the faith community. They bring the welcome of Christ to the moment and reach out to the Christ in the other. They are to meet, greet, and assist their fellow Christians to feel welcome and at home at worship. They should have a gift of hospitality, putting people at ease and assisting them as needed. If you see yourself drawn to service of others, join us in this important ministry of our parish.