Wedding Information

Contemporary Catholics are often searching for a non-judgmental, sacramental experience different from that offered by the institutional church. You may want to have a Catholic wedding but may not be permitted, for various reasons, by the institutional church. St. Anthony of Padua offers you an alternative. Those entering into second marriages, those experiencing religious differences with the church and others will find openness and acceptance here. We provide marriage services in a compassionate manner. Perhaps you have concerns about perceived barriers?  We treat you with the same care Christ gave to all who came to him.  


Read through the following Frequently Asked Questions to see how we can walk with you on your journey to the altar.

Simply contact St. Anthony’s by email or by phone.  It’s as easy as that!  At the bottom of this page is a copy of the contract used to secure your wedding date on Fr. Jason’s calendar. Please complete this form and send your non-refundable deposit of $300 to secure the date on Fr. Jason’s calendar.  Fr. Jason only commits to one wedding at a time so you do not have to worry about double-booking issues or a rushed ceremony. Calendar dates are secured on a first-come, first-served basis. Unfortunately, we cannot secure a date without a deposit. 

Wedding Availability

The choice of location for your wedding is yours. Depending on weather and other factors ceremonies may be held out-of-doors. You may hold your wedding at our chapel, or arrange to use another church or chapel. Hotels, banquet halls, private homes, museums and other locales are other options. A wedding consultant or the yellow pages can yield additional suggestions.  Fr. Jason has performed weddings in Virginia, Maryland, DC, New Jersey, and New York.  If your wedding location is greater than 1.5 hours away from the parish a travel stipend may be requested to assist with fuel, tolls, and lodging if necessary.

We will be pleased to assist you in personalizing your wedding ceremony. There are many ways in which this can be accomplished. Options for readings, both from the scriptures and other sources, which speak to marriage are available. Vows can be written by you or chosen from more traditional options. Ceremonies that speak to various ethnic groups such as the coin, rope and veil, hand fasting or jumping-the-broom ceremonies can also be accommodated. Unity candles, roses to parents and other more traditional activities can be easily included. Discussing your wishes with Fr. Jason is the best way to assure that your day is special.  On average a nuptial ceremony outside of mass will take approximately 25 minutes.

The officiant from St. Anthony’s receives $700 to assist with marriages. This stipend or honorarium is inclusive of: pre-marital counseling services, preparation of your ceremony, officiating, and processing the marriage license. These services may vary based on the needs and desires of the couple. Some couples like to meet often, others need to plan with me from remote locations and meet infrequently. It’s up to you how often we get together. On average, though, we will meet at least once before the wedding.  If you should choose to use our church, there may be additional fees to secure the use of the facility.  The initial non-refundable deposit of $350 is used to secure the date and the remaining balance is due prior to the wedding date.  All offerings support the work of the parish.

Secure a Date on Fr. Jason’s Calendar

Complete the Wedding Agreement Form and submit your non-refundable deposit: Online or By Mail

You will be required to obtain your wedding license prior to your wedding date.  You will need to go to the court in the jurisdiction where the ceremony will be taking place, NOT where you currently or will live. Sometimes couples get married in a county or state different from where they reside and you’ll need to research the rules specific to your situation.  For example, if you live in Maryland and choose to get married at a venue located in Washington, DC, you’ll need to get your wedding license issued from DC Superior Court.  Fr. Jason can always speak with you and answer any questions you may have about this based on his experience.  

Looking for VA, MD, and DC wedding license requirements?


Cost: $30

Residency Requirement: No

Waiting Period: None

Expiration: 60 days

Age Requirement: 18

Blood Test: No

Divorced/Widowed: Bring copy of certified paperwork for proof

Same Sex Marriage: Yes


Cost: $70 (varies by county)

Residency Requirement: No

Waiting Period: 2 Days

Expiration: 6 months

Age Requirement: 18

Blood Test: No

Divorced/Widowed: Bring copy of certified paperwork for proof

Same Sex Marriage: Yes

Washington, DC

Cost: $45

Residency Requirement: No

Waiting Period: 5 days

Expiration: None

Age Requirement: 18

Blood Test: No

Divorced/Widowed: Bring copy of certified paperwork for proof

Same Sex Marriage: Yes

All of this information has been found online and is subject to change.  As always, it is recommended that you contact the court directly with any questions.

At St. A’s we affirm the dignity and worth of all gays and lesbians believing that GLBT equality is a civil right.  As such it would be an honor to work with you in planning the religious ceremony that you may have thought was not even possible.

Yes!  Our wedding specialists are the first to arrive and the last to leave.  We ensure that nothing has been forgotten and handle any “surprises” that may arise.  You will arrive with nothing left to do but enjoy every minute of their special day.  You will be guests at your wedding.  Additional cost for this service varies and please ask Fr. Jason for details.

Fr. Jason typically does not do a rehearsal unless there is a mass being done since that would involve lots of details and moving around for the ceremony.  A rehearsal is typically best done by the venue or a coordinator and involves walking and standing, mostly for the bridal party.  When Fr. Jason arrives at least an hour before your ceremony he will connect with your venue contact and other vendors there (musician, photographer, videographer, etc.) to coordinate details regarding the ceremony.


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